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Free Screening of Cleft Lip with Director Q&A

12th Nov 2019

Cleft Lip Screening + Q&A with director Erik Knudsen

Monday 25th November
Screen One
20:30pm - 23:30pm

The University of Birmingham’s Liberal Arts and Natural Sciences programme and Department of Classics, Ancient History and Archaeology welcomes you to a free screening of Erik Knudsen’s Cleft Lip.

What happens when fertility becomes a commodity in a fractured society? Oedipus reborn. Sophocles’ classic of classics adapted for the 21st Century by Erik Knudsen into a contemporary tragedy about the unravelling of the most fundamental of relationships in society; that between a father, a mother and a child. Cleft Lip is set in the context of a world where donor eggs and sperm are freely traded as increasing numbers of people are having to resort to fertility treatment as a consequence of social changes, individual decisions and biological imperatives.

Unbeknown to 25 year old Campbell, his older wife, Jaz, donated a fertilised egg to a donor when she was younger and tragedy unfolds as they both come to discover, over a critical three day period, the frightening truth that fate and circumstance have brought them together again.

Please note that priority entry will be given to members of the University, however, there are anticipated to be plenty of available seats.

Free Screening of Cleft Lip with Director Q&A
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